Eternals Writer Says Sequels Would Need To Feature Thanos

Most fans would surely agree that the Asgardian royal family are the most dysfunctional clan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, based on what we’ve seen happen over the last decade.

Odin, Frigga, Thor, Loki and Hela have been involved in plenty of backstabbings, murders, double-crosses, exiles, banishment and all-round treachery over the years, but the post-credits scene of Eternals may have set up another sibling rivalry that could put the Odinsons in the shade.

Only in a comic book universe would former One Direction member Harry Styles be cast as the brother of a ten-foot tall purple alien played by Josh Brolin, but the fans are firmly on board with it, if the social media reactions have been any indication. Writers Kaz and Ryan Firpo have been teasing all sorts of sequels and spinoffs recently, and they admitted to The Direct that Eternals follow ups would need to feature Thanos in some capacity.

“I believe that there is no way that you can do Eternals 2 and 3 without somehow touching on Mr. Brolin.”

If you cast Styles as Eros, then you’re virtually obligated to explore the dynamic between them, especially when there were plenty of references to the Mad Titan peppered throughout Eternals. It’d be a weird thing to see unfold on the big screen, but Kevin Feige tends to plan these things out years in advance, so he no doubt already knows if Thanos will be back on our screens next time the Eternals are reunited.