Every Imperial Inquisitor in the ‘Star Wars’ canon

The Inquisitorius, Order of Imperial Inquisitors, casts a dark shadow throughout the galaxy. These ruthless Force-sensitive Jedi hunters exist to wipe out any remaining Jedi after the fall of the Republic, and serve only Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. 

With the anticipated Disney Plus series, Obi-Wan Kenobi set to hit the streamer on May 27 – the Inquisitors look to be set up as the main antagonist power throughout the show.

Having a group as shrouded in mystery as the Inquisitorius Program means that it may be difficult to get an accurate headcount of all the former Jedi. That’s right, all the Inquisitors were actually Jedi until falling into darkness – twisted and trained by Darth Vader. 

These unstoppable assassins eventually all died before the events of A New Hope, so let’s take a quick look (in descending order of position) at every Inquisitor known in the Star Wars canon.

Note; There are Inquisitors in the canon that exist, but are unnamed and unknown. Because so little is explained about who they are, or where they come from – they are left off this particular list to maintain continuity. 

The Grand Inquisitor

A former Jedi Temple guard, The Grand Inquisitor is arguably the most powerful Inquisitor in the lineup. A formidable lightsaber combatant, his spinning double-bladed weapon was as terrifying as it was useful. He can be seen the most in Star Wars Rebels

The Second Sister

A Jedi Padawan before the Purge, The Second Sister (known before as Trilla) was the main antagonist for the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Trilla was captured and tortured by Darth Vader – becoming The Second Sister. She was led to the Dark side, but eventually was murdered by Darth Vader in this chilling sequence. 

The Third Sister

New to the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, little is known about this particular Jedi hunter. It seems that she may be the largest force opposing Obi-wan during his exile on Tatooine. Only time will tell what The Third Sister brings to the table. 

The Fourth Sister

Potentially the most unknown Inquistor on this list, The Fourth Sister is better known for her armor being used as a disguise to fool Imperial eyes by Rebel operative Lina Graf in the Star Wars comics. 

The Fifth Brother

A survivor of Order 66, what he lacks in overall power he makes up for in raw strength. With his inclusion in the Obi-Wan Kenobi trailer, it looks like we will be getting more brutish terror from The Fifth Brother very soon.

The Sixth Brother

Known best in the comics, this fallen Jedi was known to be pretty skittish. He was perhaps the weakest of all the Inquisitors, even killing one of his comrades in one instance. His brothers and sisters inevitably looked at him unfavorably until his death. 

The Seventh Sister

A driving enemy in Star Wars Rebels, The Seventh Sister was an ambitious young Jedi who once sought to take over the Inquisitorius if The Grand Inquisitor were to die. She was fast with a lightsaber and extremely capable in the Force, but eventually was killed by Maul in Rebels.

The Eighth Brother

Shrouded in mystery, The Eighth Brother worked directly with The Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother – but aside from that not much else is known about this armor-clad individual. He was shown to be eager and combative in his personality. He also was killed by Maul. 

The Ninth Sister

Another character from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, this giant Inquisitor was a powerful female Dowutin who had unique powers that set her above most of her dark family. She was easily able to read feelings and emotions, giving her the upper hand in combat. 

The Tenth Brother

One of the only former Jedi Masters on this list, The Tenth Brother can be seen mainly in the comics. Turning to the Dark side of the Force before Order 66, The Tenth Brother was primed to serve The Empire. He was powerful, wise, and nearly unstoppable before his death. 

There it is, all the known Inquisitors in Star Wars canon. Each dark servant meeting an equally dark end, but nonetheless infinitely important to the success of The Galactic Empire. Obi-wan Kenobi is bound to shed more light on these mysterious Sith foes.