Every Upcoming MCU Project The Loki Finale Just Set Up


The Loki season finale debuted on Disney Plus this Wednesday, and it did not disappoint. The sixth episode of the time-traveling series confirmed that the Tom Hiddleston vehicle was a truly indispensable part of the growing story of Phase 4 as it introduced a major new player into the franchise, as well as teeing up plot threads that will unfold across a myriad of different movies and TV series. From what we know so far, here are the five upcoming MCU projects the Loki finale just set up. Warning: spoilers from this point on…

The most obvious upcoming production episode 6 set up was Loki season 2. A post-credits stinger confirmed that a second season was happening, which means that’s likely where most of the questions raised by the finale’s last scenes will be explored. For instance, the new timeline that’s been established, one where Mobius no longer knows who Loki is and where Kang the Conqueror is now in charge of the TVA.

We don’t know exactly when season 2 will get here, though, so the first bit of the MCU to arrive that’ll be directly influenced by Loki is Marvel’s What If…?, which premieres in August. This animated anthology show will dive into a different alternate reality each week. While we’re not expecting it to pick up the plot of its predecessor, then, it could only have aired after Loki, which just introduced the concept of the multiverse into the MCU for the first time.

Likewise, this December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home will also deal with multiversal mayhem, ahead of next March’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness doing the same thing. It’s unclear if Strange and Spidey will be dealing with the aftermath of Kang fracturing the timeline in those movies or not, but we did just learn that Hiddleston will be back as the God of Mischief in Doctor Strange 2 so there is likely a key connection there.

Last but not least, February 2023 delivers Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which we know will feature Jonathan Majors as its main villain. It’s currently unclear whether Majors will return for Loki season 2 or not, so we may not see him again until Ant-Man 3. If so, that will mark the debut of the proper, tyrannical Kang, after the Loki finale featured his slightly nicer variant, He Who Remains.

Catch all six episodes of Loki now on Disney Plus.