More Evidence Suggests Hulk Will Gain New Armor For Avengers 4


For an annual trade show specifically tailored to exhibitors and their respective shareholders, CineEurope 2018 has yielded some truly fascinating intel regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Up first was the rumored footage description for Avengers 4, which was later revealed to be total hogwash – word is the 2019 sequel was in attendance, but the presentation was more concerned with behind-the-scenes clips and a timely speech by Kevin Feige than tangible footage. And, frankly, that’s okay, as the fourth Avengers movie is still a ways away, not to mention the fact that the studio also has Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel to contend with.

The latter hosted a CineEurope presentation of its own (full details here), though Twitter has uncovered another plot point relating to Avengers 4 and, specifically, the Incredible Hulk.

Still with us? After spending much of Infinity War cowering within Bruce Banner, it’s understood Hulk will enjoy much more screentime come 2019, and he’ll even be sporting some revamped armor.

That’s according to Twitter user Nikita Byrkin, who outlined exactly what was shown during that all-too-brief showcase of Avengers 4:

Some new battle gear for the Incredible Hulk has been rumored before, particularly after that leaked Avengers 4 concept art surfaced online. It’s one which also hinted at the possibility of adapting Professor Hulk, the cult storyline in which Bruce Banner dons a totally different outfit. Of course, it’s unlikely the Russo Brothers are planning for a one-to-one adaptation, but it could certainly open up a new wardrobe for the hero.

Either way, expect Bruce Banner’s Jade Giant to enjoy a much more prominent role this time around – ditto for Captain America and Black Widow – as Avengers 4 rolls back the years to focus on those OG heroes who fought during the Battle of New York and lived to tell the tale.

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