More Evidence Suggests That Iris West Will Be Recast For Flashpoint


At the very least, Justice League proved to be an entertaining action movie featuring DC’s A-list superheroes. But while there were some great moments shared between the characters, those of us who vehemently followed its production are well aware of how much was left on the cutting room floor. Heck, one person even assembled a trailer featuring footage shot by Zack Snyder that didn’t make the final cut.

Things such as this, among others, have led to a public outcry, with a sizable chunk of the fanbase wishing for Snyder’s cut of the film to be released on home video. Actually, reports have surfaced saying that an extended version will be included on the Blu-ray, although it may not necessarily be the “Snyder Cut” – it’ll just be beefed up with additional scenes. And while we can’t be too sure of what’ll happen until Warner Bros. issue the official press release, it’s our hope that, at the very least, a healthy amount of deleted scenes be included as bonus content.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting.

Not long ago, it was said that the role of Iris West – previously laid claim to by Kiersey Clemons – would be recast in time for the upcoming Flashpoint movie. According to a visual effects artist who worked on Justice League, a scene in which Barry Allen saved Iris from a car accident had been retouched to include another actress playing a random woman, thus leaving the door open for the “new” Iris to be introduced in a future flick. And, as it turns out, Batman-News’ own sources have told them this is indeed the case, and that it’ll be included as a deleted scene on the Blu-ray.

In a nutshell, the reason for the recasting is that Clemons was chosen to play Iris by Rick Famuyiwa, who vacated the director’s chair for a solo Flash movie long ago. Thus, it’s somewhat understandable that a supporting character chosen by someone who isn’t even involved in the DC Extended Universe anymore be freed up so that whatever filmmaker fills that slot can round out the cast of Flashpoint at their leisure.