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Evil Dead Reboot Director Fede Alvarez Gives an Update on Status of Planned Sequel

Is the sequel still on the way for Evil Dead?

A monster peeks out from a floorboard in “Evil Dead Rise”
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Fede Alvarez, the director of films including Don’t Breathe and The Girl in the Spider’s Web commented on the status of a potential sequel to his 2013 reboot of Evil Dead, saying that while he and Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi have yet to work out a script for a follow-up, there is always a possibility for a sequel if the timing is right.

“[Producer] Rob Tapert and [director] Sam Raimi, we’re like family,” Alvarez said in an interview with ComicBook.com. “We get together once in a while, we had a great experience making that movie, they gave us a career in this business. We always discuss that and there was some discussion very early on about a sequel and we haven’t gotten to write it, we never wrote a script, but we knew where it was gonna go and, at that point, for some reason, it didn’t happen. And now it went [the Evil Dead Rise] route.”

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Evil Dead Rise is an upcoming film in the franchise to release in 2022 on HBO Max. Details on the film are slim, but the film will follow a pair of sisters as they fight to protect their family from soul-possessing demons. Irish Director Lee Cronin known for his 2019 directorial debut The Hole in the Ground will helm the film and producers include both Sam Raimi and the original Ash Williams, Bruce Campbell.

Since the first Evil Dead film debuted in 1981, the 40-year-old franchise has garnered a massive following and spawned two sequels, a reboot, a television series, and several other iterations across different media including video games and comic books. Raimi and Campbell have both remained involved with the franchise since the original film.

While a sequel to the Evil Dead reboot film may not be on the horizon any time soon, Alvarez is a writer and producer on Don’t Breathe 2, the sequel to his 2016 horror film, Don’t Breathe which he wrote and directed. Don’t Breathe 2 opens in theaters on August 13.