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‘Evil Dead Rise’ director stops hearts with a bloody first look at the upcoming horror sequel

But as Ash would say "Groovy!"

Evil Dead Rise gets theatrical release
Image: New Line Cinema

Even though there are definitely many horror fans out there who aren’t big fans of the Evil Dead film, there is no denying that when it comes to making our hearts skip more than just a beat with terrifying visuals no one beat the franchise. This, well, universal fact has once again been highlighted thanks to Lee Cronin, who is helming the hotly-anticipated Evil Dead Rise, sharing the first look at the upcoming sequel. 

Cronin shared the heart-stopping first look at the film on Twitter, with the ominous promise that the sequel will “make your eyes bleed.”

The reaction to the brief peek at the horrors the film promises to unleash has been prominently positive as horror fans expressed how it has made them even more excited for the film. Many also requested the director to drop the trailer for Evil Dead Rise, lamenting how they will be getting a Halloween-perfect film six months after the spooky season. 

Just like the 2013 film Evil Dead, Evil Dead Rise will also steer away from the whole Ash vs Deadites and introduces completely new characters, though, as evident from Cronin’s post, the undead will continue to scare the living daylight out of everyone who dares to watch the sequel. 

The future of the film appeared to be in jeopardy for a while when Warner Bros. scrapped almost completed films like Batgirl and Scoob!: Holiday Haunt. But it was soon confirmed that the comeback of the Deadites was not only safe but had also been upgraded as it was promoted from getting a streaming debut on HBO Max to a full theatrical release

As for whether the film will include Bruce Campbell’s return as Ash in some capacity – he briefly appeared in the post-credits scene in the last film just to say “Groovy!” – is still uncertain. But never say never!

Evil Dead Rise is scheduled to be released on April 21, 2023.

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