Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Not Opposed To A Young Actor Taking Over As Ash


What’s next for the Evil Dead franchise?

That was the question on everyone’s lips following Starz’s cancellation of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, the cult horror series in which, you guessed it, Bruce Campbell’s groovy hero spent his days and nights slaughtering Deadites.

Alas, the network’s decision to call time on Ash Vs. Evil Dead also led Campbell to retire the character of Ash Williams, prompting a tidal wave of support from the show’s impassioned fanbase. And now, it seems the franchise veteran is willing to pass down the torch, telling Entertainment Weekly (h/t Bloody Disgusting) that he’s not opposed to a younger actor coming in and assuming the role of Ash in his absence.

I’d be perfectly fine if they find some young Ash, do some new incarnation, let some other poor bastard get covered in blood. It’s all good. I hope there are very many variations of Evil Dead. You’ve got the leftover characters from the series, you’ve got the characters from the remake that we did a few years ago. You can intersect universes.

So aside from his forthcoming video game appearance, Bruce Campbell is ostensibly finished with the role of Ash Williams, allowing the Deadites to breathe a sigh of relief.

It’s become a common theme throughout this past week, when we learned that both Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) were poised to leave their old franchises behind them. They’ll be missed, of course, as will Bruce Campbell in the role of Ash Williams.

But all good things must come to an end, and after three seasons of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, you can’t say Campbell’s hero didn’t receive the send-off he deserves.