Why You Should Be Excited For Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead Remake


Nostalgia For The Old-School Fans

Having a brand new vision and feel for a remake is great and all, but nothing gets a real fan excited like a clever reference to the source material without recreating scenes verbatim. Finding fun little Easter eggs creatively hidden throughout a film makes the whole experience more memorable for audience members fond of whatever original work is being re-done, and allows for a nostalgic trip back in time which could even solidify a connection that immediately cheers a viewer up if said person isn’t totally digging the new adaptation. I don’t mean that as in I predict Evil Dead will have to distract viewers with memories of better times, quite the opposite actually, but I’m just stressing how enjoyable these moments can be for audience members.

For example, notice the car in the above snapshot? That, my friends, is a perfect throwback to Evil Dead, finding a clever way to incorporate Sam Raimi’s trademark car cameo (his first car, a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 dubbed “The Classic”) without doing something cheap like having a character just drive it on set. Could the dilapidated and weathered vehicle be a message to fans from Alvarez, saying he’s going to make Raimi’s film seem like a relic? Good luck kid, I hope you do deliver the goods and bring meaning to a shot that could be nothing but a blast from the past. Still cool none the less!

According to multiple sources, fans are going to love all the references and parts kept in – like the classic forest demon POV shots made famous by Evil Dead. Am I the only fan who believes this is going to be a best of both worlds (old/new) effort from Alvarez?

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