Exclusive Video Interview: The Cast Of Everybody Wants Some Talk The 80s, Dance Moves And Chemistry


The best kinds of interviews happen when the talent starts vibing off one another, making the whole experience feels less like a barrage of questions, and more like a relaxed hangout.

Such an experience helped make my time with the Everybody Wants Some cast an absolute delight, especially after running across Austin, Texas after immediately leaving another scheduled interview. You have to understand, South By Southwest is beautiful, unorganized chaos for people like me – but I’m glad my sunny Saturday afternoon became a little more hectic with this interview session.

On hand to promote their new collegiate classic were cast members Zoey Deutch, Blake Jenner, Glen Powell, Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Guzman, Wyatt Russell and Quinton Johnson, all of whom seemed energetic because of the festival atmosphere.

When I walked in and out of each room, these guys (and gal) were all smiles, which you don’t always get at organized press days. And bless Zoey Deutch’s heart for having to deal with her rambunctious male costars as the lone female – even though her totally off-the-wall charms were equally wacky in every way.

Keeping with Linklater’s cool 80s period mentality, I went into each room (Deutch, Jenner and Powell in one, the remaining in the other) asking the same questions. First, what were their essential 80s playlist songs. Second, were their stellar dance moves choreographed or improvised on the spot. Third, were they the jocks in high school or college. The usual interview fare.

Getting a little bonus time with Deutch’s room, we also talked about their favorite musical movement during the time, given how the boys found themselves in a host of clubs, from disco to punk rock to country.

Oh, and Zoey Deutch revealed Richard Linklater’s secret to achieving such a tremendous chemistry between his selected cast, and it just might shock you! (Shhhh – I know it’s a joke.)

Check out what everyone had to say in the videos above and below and be sure to catch Everybody Wants Some as it’s now out in theatres!