Exclusive Video Interview With The Cast, Director And Producer Of Black Nativity


Adapted from Langston Hughes’ stage play of the same name, Kasi Lemmons’ Black Nativity tells the story of a young boy (played by relative newcomer Jacob Latimore) who is sent to spend the holidays with his estranged relatives in New York City after his mother is evicted from their Baltimore apartment. While there, he undergoes an eye-opening, inspirational journey of sorts and learns about some of life’s most important values, like faith, family and healing.

It’s a sweet, heartwarming film filled with some great musical numbers and an all-star ensemble that really gives it their all. And don’t worry, those who were impressed with the play won’t be disappointed with how the film adaptation turned out.

Recently, at the Black Nativity press day, which took place last week in Los Angeles, we sat down with stars Jennifer Husdon, Jacob Latimore and Tyrese Gibson, as well as director Kasi Lemmons and producer T.D. Jakes for an exclusive video interview. During our discussion, they spoke about how Jennifer and Jacob formed such a strong bond between their characters, why Tyrese found the film uncomfortable to make and what inspired Kasi and T.D. to adapt the play.

From talking with everyone, it was clear that a lot of passion went into putting this film together and if you’re looking for something to see in theatres this Thanksgiving weekend, Black Nativity is a great choice.

Check out the exclusive interview below and be sure to catch Black Nativity as it’s now in theatres everywhere.