Exclusive Video Interview With James Franco On Homefront


James Franco is a chameleon of sorts. Perhaps more than any other actor in Hollywood, he’s constantly surprising us with what he does next. You really never know what Franco is going to attach his talents to and whether he’s behind, or in front of the camera, it’s always a delight to watch his work.

The actor’s most recent effort is Homefront, which sees Franco playing a meth kingpin named Gator. When former DEA agent Phil Baker (Jason Statham) moves to his town, Gator decides that he doesn’t want anyone getting in the way of his drug empire and sets out to wreak havoc on Baker’s life.

Like most Jason Statham-led action films, Homefront is a lot of fun and provides for a ton of thrills and excitement. Seeing Franco back in a villainous role is a real treat and getting to watch him go toe to toe with Statham is likely a moment that you won’t forget anytime soon.

Recently, at the Los Angeles press day for Homefront, we had the chance to sit down with James Franco for an exclusive video interview. During our discussion, he talked about the two sides to Gator, why he doesn’t see the character as a villain, how he added an extra dimension to his performance and more!

Check it out below and be sure to catch Homefront as it’s now playing in theatres everywhere.