Exclusive Video Interview: Marion Cotillard Talks Macbeth


You’ve probably seen the story of Macbeth before, be it via film, TV or theatre, but you’ve definitely never seen it like this. In Justin Kurzel’s grim and gritty take on The Bard’s famous play, Michael Fassbender takes the titular role with Marion Cotillard co-starring as Lady Macbeth.

Shakespeare’s celebrated work is no stranger to screens both big and small, but Kurzel’s rendition of the tragic tale may very well be the most stylish of the bunch. Boasting haunting cinematography – slow-mo shots, extreme close-ups – the director serves up a memorable, visceral experience featuring standout performances from the two leads.

Our very own Brogan Morris reviewed Macbeth not too long ago, and concluded the following:

Macbeth should be seen for its striking horror style and Michael Fassbender’s mentally-scarred take on the title character.

At the film’s recent press day, we had the chance to sit down with Marion Cotillard to discuss her exciting new role in Kurzel’s movie. Talking to us via satellite feed, the actress spoke about how she prepared for a particularly powerful scene, dealing with the scenes where her character starts to lose her sanity and much more.

Hear what Cotillard had to say to us in the video above and be sure to catch Macbeth as it’s now in theatres everywhere.