Expect Captain America To Enjoy A Major Role In Avengers 4


While Infinity War is widely considered to be the biggest film Marvel Studios has ever attempted – so far, at least – there were a number of characters who were given short shrift as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes confronted Thanos for the very first time.

It’s all part of the plan, of course, as key figures like Captain America and Black Widow will enjoy much more prominent roles during the course of Avengers 4, which is also expected to draft Hawkeye and Ant-Man into the equation as our remaining heroes launch a counter-attack against the Mad Titan.

Doing so will likely require time travel and a whole lot of luck, and at least according to Infinity War co-writer Christopher Markus, Steve Rogers is very much along for the ride.

We have a unique opportunity here. There are certainly other movies that have done it, but we know we have two movies to tell character arcs. Some characters are going to be better served in the second story. I think it’s okay to say that Cap has a big story in the second one.

And that’s it, really. Of course, we’re still a full 10 months out from Avengers 4, so it’s only natural that Markus and Co. are playing coy when asked about the fate of individual characters.

Be that as it may, recent set photos clearly showed Cap in his Phase One attire, all but confirming the use of time travel. So perhaps that money shot of Steve Rogers and the gang charging into Wakanda is actually pulled from an alternate timeline, one which features in the so-far-untitled Avengers 4? So many questions, so few answers…