Expect To See A Young Jason In The Friday The 13th Reboot


The last time we saw Jason Vorhees on the big screen, it was in a 2009 reboot which may have made a healthy profit, but certainly didn’t sit well with fans or critics. However, being Hollywood, money talks and of course, another Friday The 13th was ordered up. This one’s going to be yet another reboot (cue eye roll) and will apparently act as an origin story of sorts, showing us how Jason became the killer we know him as.

It sounds like the film will be taking us back in time to introduce us to a younger version of the character. We know this because a casting call has surfaced this week which asks for identical twin actors to play a young Jason, who’s described as “lengthy and awkward. A dark, ominous child with severe psychological issues.” Sounds like the iconic killer we know and love, right?

With Friday the 13th set to go in front of cameras this March, we should start hearing a little more about it very soon. That’s a good thing, too, as there are still a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, we still don’t know how much of the film will take place in the past. Will the majority of the reboot show us Jason’s younger years, or will we only get flashbacks? Considering we’ve never been given significant amounts of backstory for the character, it’d certainly be nice to fill in a few of the blanks, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Honestly, we’re not terribly excited about this new Friday The 13th, and can you blame us? The franchise hasn’t really put out an enjoyable installment since, well, the 80s (even though Freddy vs. Jason remains a guilty pleasure of mine). It’s doubtful that this reboot will be able to change that, but at the very least, it should be interesting to learn a little bit more about the character and how he got to be the way he is, as there are definitely gaps in his past that need to be addressed.

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