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Extraction Director Strapped Himself To The Hood Of A Car To Film A Scene

Chris Hemsworth recalls the moment when Extraction director Sam Hargrave strapped himself to the hood of a car during production.


Say what you will about Extraction‘s story and at-times gratuitous violence, but Netflix’s high-octane thriller is a technical marvel – thanks, in large part, to director Sam Hargrave, who at one point strapped himself to the hood of a car to capture the best angle of a particular scene.

That “oner” in question is, of course, the 12-minute car chase sequence involving Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake. It’s a remarkably well-crafted sequence, good enough to push even the most jaded action fan to the edge of their seat. And that’s exactly what Hargrave and his team hoped to achieve.

Indeed, during a recent Q&A session, leading man Chris Hemsworth fielded questions about Extraction and its brutal violence, along with the possibility of a sequel. And so, when someone raised the topic of that aforementioned car chase, Hemsworth confirmed that, yes, Sam Hargrave really strapped himself to the hood of a moving vehicle for what he describes as “one of the most technically challenging things” he’s ever been a part of.

Sam was on the hood of a chase car, following me, and as that car pulled up alongside us, he unclipped himself and handed the camera through the window into the car that we were driving, to another camera man and we took off. It was a series of hand-offs, which was one of the most technically challenging things I’ve ever been a part of.

And this is the actor who’s been involved in Marvel’s cinematic universe for nigh on 10 years. If you’re curious to know more, Ars Technica recently pulled together a video featurette of Extraction‘s 12-minute “oner,” which includes a detailed commentary by Sam Hargrave himself about how the stunt was achieved with such craft and skill.

Given his commitment to capture that one perfect shot, it’s no surprise that Netflix are eager collaborate with Hargrave again in the not-so-distant future. Indeed, a sequel has reportedly already been ordered up and we can’t wait to see where the Extraction franchise goes next.

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