Extraction Has Lost Its #1 Spot On Netflix To A Surprising New Film


Over the last week or so, it seems that everyone with a Netflix subscription has been giving Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction a watch, and walking away pretty pleased. Indeed, fans have been going wild over the action movie and at this rate, it looks to become one of the most popular Netflix Originals yet.

First-time director Sam Hargrave seems to have set up a viable franchise for the company with multi-film potential, something that we don’t see very often with Netflix’s high-profile projects. But all good things must come to an end and now, only a week after it debuted, Extraction has been bumped from the top spot on the streaming platform’s Top 10 movies list. And also on its overall Top 10 list, where it’s been dominating ever since it premiered.

Yes, if you’ve logged onto Netflix today – in the US, at least – you’ll see that on the overall list, Extraction currently sits in fourth place. But given that it’s also competing with television shows there, that’s not too surprising. Especially since Never Have I Ever is proving to be a big hit for the streamer.

What is surprising, though, is what you’ll see when you look at the Top 10 movies list, where Extraction is now placed second, behind Netflix Original Dangerous Lies. The newly released thriller doesn’t have any big names in its cast, nor has it done too well with critics, holding a score of just 46% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even its audience score isn’t great, sitting at 52%.

So, how has it bumped one of Netflix’s biggest hits as far as movies go from the top? Well, we’re not sure, but it could just be that since it’s a new release, it’s being promoted more on the service. And there’s the fact that by this point, most people have probably seen Extraction already and are looking for something else to watch. Regardless, the action flick clearly still remains hugely popular and even if it slides down a few more spots, we imagine it’ll be in the Top 10 for a while yet.