Chris Hemsworth Fans Are Loving His New Netflix Movie Extraction


With millions of people across the world stuck indoors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Netflix is the gift that keeps on giving to movie and TV fans. The streaming service recently reported a huge jump in subscriber numbers as a direct result of global lockdowns, and seemingly not content with dominating the cultural conversation with Tiger King, they seem to have done it again with Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction.

If you’re a fan of action flicks and are a Netflix subscriber, chances are you’ll have already seen it by now or will be planning on it in the very near future, and the general consensus seems to be that Extraction is a solid enough entry in the genre, with a pretty straightforward and formulaic narrative greatly enhanced by expertly staged wall-to-wall action sequences and the Thor star reveling in the opportunity to go into full-blown action hero mode for the first time.

Sam Hargrave looks set to be cut from the same cloth as John Wick’s David Leitch and Chad Stahelski as well, who both made the jump from stunt coordinators to directors and instantly established themselves as masters of crafting hard-hitting and inventive action. In fact, already fans are making their opinions on Extraction known online, and they seem to be full of praise for both Hargrave’s work and Hemsworth’s performance.

Extraction isn’t exactly going to win any awards, but it’s nonetheless a good old-fashioned shoot-em-up that’s a perfect way to whittle away a couple of hours. While the movie takes itself awfully seriously and there’s hardly any humor or light-hearted moments to be found, the quality of the choreography, vehicle chases, fistfights and gun battles are more than enough to make up for it, and it even ends on a sequel-baiting tease, so we might be seeing more of the fantastically-named Tyler Rake in the future.