Ezra Miller not in danger of being replaced as the DCEU’s Flash

ezra miller the flash justice league
Warner Bros.

How do you solve a problem like Ezra Miller, with the actor seemingly unable to keep themself out of trouble? Well, if you’re the studio behind a $200 million comic book blockbuster that’s already spent the better part of a decade lodged firmly in development hell, you wait and see if the whole thing blows over by the time The Flash arrives.

Much has been made of Miller’s heavily-publicized personal issues, which dates back much further than the recent incidents in Hawaii. However, they weren’t dropped from the Fantastic Beasts franchise, shot additional scenes for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and completely the entirety of principal photography on The Flash between the viral video of a fan being choked out in Iceland and the most recent arrests.

According to Variety, “Warners is barreling ahead with intention to give the superhero film the full blockbuster treatment”, which includes Miller as the focal point of what could prove to be a hugely lucrative project for the DCEU, when you consider the multiversal narrative opens the door to all sorts of potential sequels and spinoffs.

There wasn’t much chance of Miller being dropped ahead of The Flash‘s long-awaited June 2023 release date anyway, because that would effectively necessitate a reshoot of the entire film. While the jury remains out on what the 29 year-old’s long-term future as the Scarlet Speedster’s future holds, should they maintain their best behavior until that point and then headline a colossal box office smash hit that goes down a storm with critics, fans, and audiences, then all may yet be forgiven by the boardroom.