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F9 Star Sung Kang Wants A Former Castmate To Return To The Franchise

The F9 star shares that "Justice for Han" may mean Gal Gadot's return to the franchise.

Fast and Furious Han

Sung Kang revealed in a recent interview with the Insider, that he wants Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot to return to the Fast and Furious franchise, following his shocking resurrection in F9.

Kang, prior to reprising his role as Han Lue in F9, starred in the film’s third, fifth and sixth installment before supposedly meeting his end in a fiery car crash. Gadot joined the Fast and Furious franchise during the fourth film and remained a cast member until her character Giselle Yashar presumably died saving Han’s life in Fast and Furious 6.

The 49-year-old said when discussing his on-screen love interest, “I’m an advocate of that, I think we need Gisele back … in every way. I think the fans want that. We need to make that happen somehow.”

Kang added when explaining what Justice for Han” means in F9, “What does justice for Han look like? This is a long answer. Well in the film, I think the question is, ‘Who killed Han?’ For me, the question is really, ‘Where has Han been?’ and ‘What’s he been doing?'”

#JusticeforHan is a hashtag that was created following Kang’s character “death” at the end of the Fast and Furious franchise’s sixth installment. The goal was to avenge his supposed passing by punishing Deckard Shaw (portrayed by Jason Statham) the man who committed the crime.

The F9 star wrapped up the conversation by dwelling deeper into the initial hashtag, and saying it’s no longer about seeking revenge.

“I think that’s the answer to what ‘Justice for Han’ is. It’s not that it’s a vendetta against Deckard Shaw. I think it’s something deeper than that. I think it goes down to justice of his loss, of his love. I think it’s not figured out for Han yet because he’s still trying to figure out, ‘How was he the cause of this? ‘ — Maybe I’m giving away too much now — ‘How was he the cause of the loss of his one and only?'”

When the Insider asked Kang if #JusticeforHan means Gadot’s reprisal, he said, “I think so.”

The tenth installment of Fast & Furious is set to be released in April 2023.

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