Falcon And Winter Soldier TV Series May Confirm That Bucky Isn’t The Next Captain America


While the fate of Steve Rogers has yet to be confirmed, it remains a popular prediction that this month’s Avengers: Endgame will see Chris Evans’ character meet a sad end. But even if he lives through the events of Marvel’s Phase 3 finale, it’s generally assumed that the film will serve as the First Avenger’s swan song.

If so, then the Captain America name may soon be available for another hero to take. But while many fans have been predicting or hoping that Steve’s friend Bucky Barnes will be the one to inherit the title, the recently confirmed Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series seems to put Sebastian Stan’s character out the running. After all, Bucky’s moniker of choice is right there in the show’s title. Similarly, there’s also been some speculation in recent months that Sam Wilson could be the next Cap, but from the look of things, he’ll still be going under the Falcon name.

In short, it seems that the Captain America name is still up for grabs. That being said, with so many superheroes still waiting to be adapted, you could certainly argue that it’s currently too soon for anyone to inherit Steve’s title.

Again, this is all assuming that Evans really is exiting the series with Endgame, though it’s looking more than likely at this point. For one thing, the actor’s contract is reportedly set to expire with the Avengers: Infinity War sequel. On top of that, Evans himself recently hinted that Cap will be completing his arc with this month’s release.

Regardless, we’ll see what’s in store for Steve when Avengers: Endgame comes out on April 26th. After that, here’s hoping we can get a few more details on Falcon and Winter Soldier before it heads to Disney Plus.