FALSE ALARM: Janelle Monáe Will Not Be In Deadpool 2


Ever since 20th Century Fox dropped the first promo for Deadpool 2 along with Logan last week, all eyes have turned to the Merc with a Mouth’s sequel. Though early reports painted a worrying picture – what with the departure of Tim Miller and Junkie XL, not to mention some scripting problems coming up – thankfully, things look to be back on track now and with the film gearing up for production this spring, casting news is heating up.

We already know that both Cable and Domino will be joining Ryan Reynolds’ antihero for his second big screen outing, but there’s been no word yet on who may be playing the new characters. Everyone under the sun has been rumored though, with Pierce Brosnan, David Harbour and Russell Crowe all flirting with Cable, and Mackenzie Davis, Kerry Washington and Janelle Monáe all coming up in discussion for Domino.

While we’re still not sure how much weight any of these rumors hold, we can now, at the very least, rule Monáe out. It was only a few hours ago that we heard she may be the frontrunner for Domino, but taking to Twitter this evening, writer Rhett Reese has put paid to the report, saying that it’s wrong.

Whether this is just a bit of clever misdirection on his part or there actually is no truth to the claims about Monáe’s involvement is hard to say, but we’re leaning towards the latter. Not that the actress wouldn’t be a good fit for the part, but the report originated from That Hashtag Show, who haven’t always been too reliable in the past. Then again, who knows? There’ve been so many rumors floating around regarding both Cable and Domino that at this point, it’s impossible to say which individuals are actually in talks with 20th Century Fox.

If one thing’s for certain though, it’s that the casting process is definitely underway and with things seemingly heating up now ahead of the sequel’s production start, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we hear something official. At least, we hope.

Tell us, who do you think might be playing Cable and Domino in Deadpool 2? Let us know in the usual place!