In The Family: 8 Actors You Didn’t Know Had Kids In The ‘Biz

meryl streep

Hollywood families are nothing new in showbiz. Entire family trees that require a pen, paper and a certificate in geneology such as the Coppola-Cage-Schwartzmann clan are common knowledge for even those with a passing interest in film. If a rising actor shares a surname with an established star, all it takes is one journalist to ask, and a nepotistic secret is revealed.

Famous parent and offspring combos have long been outed – Kiefer Sutherland’s Dad is Donald Sutherland! Quelle surprise! Angelina Jolie is estranged from her father…Jon Voight! Goldie Hawn is Kate Hudson’s Dad! What?! There’s little kept under wraps, especially when there’s a hungry populous eager for gossip on celebrity family bust-ups.

But what of those who’ve worked a little harder to make it on their own? To keep the family connection a secret? Read on for 8 actors you never knew had kids in showbiz…