In The Family: 8 Actors You Didn’t Know Had Kids In The ‘Biz


8) Keith Carradine – Daughter: Martha Plimpton


You recognize both. That’s expected. Carradine and his daughter Plimpton aren’t new to the industry, having each spawned successful lengthy careers. What’s surprising is, despite their obviously close bond as noted in the above photo, their relationship isn’t common knowledge amongst TV and film fans.

In more recent years, Keith appeared in a crop of popular TV series: Deadwood, Dexter and Criminal Minds to name a few. Plimpton received her first Emmy for her role as Virginia Chance in the comedy Raising Hope, and kicked butt recently in The Good Wife. Her switch to the small screen came years after her breakout in kids adventure The Goonies – which led to ‘80s hits such as Parenthood and Running On Empty.

The father and daughter double act stem from an established Hollywood dynasty. Carradine’s own father, John Carradine was a smash actor in his heyday, who worked with Cecil B. DeMille and later in many of John Ford’s westerns. His most notable works include The Grapes Of Wrath, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Stage Coach alongside John Wayne.

John, the family patriarch, had another two famous sons – Keith’s brothers and Plimpton’s uncles. The eldest, David Carradine was held in reverence by genre fans after appearing as the titular Bill in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, before he passed away in 2007.  The youngest, Robert Carradine is best known for his memorable turn in Revenge Of The Nerds as Lewis Skolnick.

What a family.

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