Fan Art Alert: James Marsden As Hal Jordan In Green Lantern Corps


Up until a few weeks ago, it seemed that Warner Bros. had all but forgotten about poor old Green Lantern Corps. Though nearly all their other DC Extended Universe films had been receiving extensive coverage lately, the 2020 flick was flying well below the radar, with some fans even questioning if the studio still planned on moving ahead with it.

Then, the silence broke. First we heard that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes had been hired to pen the script – which, admittedly, was met with some backlash. The next move the studio made, however, generated far more excitement. That’s because a shortlist found its way online that while unconfirmed, offered up some very exciting names for the role of Hal Jordan.

Ryan Reynolds, Armie Hammer, Tom Cruise, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper and Joel McHale were the lucky 6 said to be in the running for the lead. But then a seventh name popped up: James Marsden. As a longtime favorite for the part of Jordan, fans were ecstatic to hear he was being considered and as of now, he seems like the most popular pick.

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Coming off a buzzy performance in HBO’s Westworld, Marsden is pretty popular around Hollywood at the moment and it’s easy to see why Warner Bros. may be considering him. He really would be perfect for Green Lantern Corps and just in case you need more convincing of that, some new fan art has now emerged which imagines him in the role.

Seen below, Marsden is suited up as the iconic hero and looks pretty damn good in costume. Honestly, we can get behind this casting 100% and while it’s far too soon to say for sure if it will pan out, we certainly hope it does. Of course, the actor is no stranger to the comic book movie world, having played Cyclops in the X-Men franchise, but to see him have a starring role in the DCEU would be a real treat.

With excitement for the film starting to build now, hopefully it won’t be too much longer before Warner Bros. chooses their leading man. Until they do, though, check out the fan art below and let us know who you’d like to see star as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps.


Source: BossLogic