Is James Marsden Also In The Mix For Green Lantern Corps?


Earlier today, The Wrap reported on a shortlist for Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern Corps. According to them, Tom Cruise, Joel McHale, Armie Hammer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper were in contention for the role of Hal Jordan. The outlet cited an unnamed source as for how they received their information, and while digging for more, we uncovered an additional name that’s said to be up for the part.

Trying to confirm The Wrap’s report, we reached out to a source of our own who’s connected to the studio and asked them if there was any truth to the above shortlist. While they couldn’t provide firm confirmation on the entire thing, they did say that Armie Hammer and Ryan Reynolds were definitely being considered and have been brought up several times already. Then, they dropped this bombshell:

“I’ve heard one more name, too. Ever since Westworld Marsden has been pretty hot around here. They’ve discussed him for Hal as well.”

As with The Wrap’s report, this news is by no means official. Warner Bros. hasn’t said a single word just yet so nothing’s concrete at the moment. For all we know, the role could end up going to someone else entirely. After all, some of the actors here seem pretty unlikely (Ryan Reynolds, for one), but who knows? Stranger things have certainly happened in the world of superhero movies.

When it comes to Marsden, though, we do trust our source and can definitely see it happening. Fans have put forth his name on more than one occasion and though he’s hardly an A-list star, neither are Armie Hammer or Joel McHale, and they’re apparently being eyed, too. Plus, Marsden’s coming off a great turn in HBO’s Westworld, which is one of the most popular shows at the moment. Perhaps Warner Bros. is looking to strike while the iron is hot?

Again, take this all with a pinch of salt until we hear something official from the studio, but feel free to let us know who you’d like to see play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps. by commenting down below.