Epic Fan Art Envisions Brenton Thwaites And Ben Affleck In The Batman


Say what you will about the DC fandom, but there’s no denying that their capacity for optimism is unparalleled. Because let’s face it, apart from Wonder Woman, of course, the DCEU hasn’t done right by an undyingly loyal fanbase. Ever since Justice League began to underwhelm at the ticket booth – which, who are we kidding, was immediate – founding father Zack Snyder essentially took it upon himself to keep each and every devotee in high spirit.

What with the first trailer for Aquaman continuing to be withheld, and the removal of Snyder – who’s seemingly the only cog in the entire operation to have done his homework – the DCEU has inarguably found itself in the most precarious position a motion picture franchise can. Yet, an enduring aficionado like Instagram user @gothambatgram persistently displays their devotion through introspective fan art.

The piece in question, which has placed Brenton Thwaites, portrayer of Dick Grayson in the DC Universe series Titans, alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman, is a perfect example of the genuine fidelity possessed by the DC fandom.

Although Aquaman is said to have righted the ship, the fact that Wonder Woman 2 is looking fairly promising and an announcement confirming the long-delayed Man of Steel 2 could be imminent, the truth of the matter is, The Batman – debatably the most critical piece for the DCEU going forward – isn’t exactly instilling hope into us, especially when two-time Academy Award winner Ben Affleck has long been rumored to be leaving the role.

Nonetheless, much like Warner Bros. has no option but to continue soldiering on, the DCEU fanbase cannot simply decide to break their obsession. Thankfully, that very inability will lead to imaginative goodies I can’t help but enjoy, as I’m sure you do too.