Here’s How The Boys’ Antony Starr Could Look As The MCU’s Wolverine

The Wolverine-Hugh-Jackman

A lot of people have been eagerly waiting for Marvel Studios to announce their plans for the future of the X-Men after the Disney/Fox merger, but the company has yet to divulge any details about how they’ll be making their way to the MCU.

Even during the Disney Investor Day, which saw the reveal of many films and TV shows, Kevin Feige decided against acknowledging the inclusion of the mutants in the interconnected narrative. As such, at least for the time being, the future of pop culture icons like Deadpool, who until now existed in an entirely different cinematic universe, is ambiguous.

Fortunately, that’s hardly stopped people from fan-casting actors who in their opinion would be a decent replacement for the X-Men we’ve come to know and love. Take Hugh Jackman, for instance, whom everyone recognizes as the face of Wolverine for the past two decades. There’s been a lot of talk about the possibility of the legendary actor making a comeback after saying goodbye to the franchise in 2017’s Logan, but there are also other favored candidates, like The Boys‘ Karl Urban. Though apparently, some think that another star from Amazon’s hit show would make a good Weapon X instead.

Indeed, a lot of people can actually see Homelander actor Antony Starr as the next Wolverine. And since he’s already expressed interest in playing the part, an Instagram artist has now depicted what he’d look like in the role, and we’d be lying if we said the result wasn’t intriguing.

The apparent indecision and lack of focus on Marvel’s side isn’t entirely unreasonable, of course. After all, if there’s anyone that believes the hasty stroke oft goes astray, it’s Marvel Studios and their meticulous approach in planning the narrative continuity of the MCU. For now, the producers have big plans for Phase 4 and as such, it might be a while before we hear anything concrete about the arrival of the X-Men.

Tell us, though, what do you think about The Boys actor Antony Starr taking over from Hugh Jackman as the next Wolverine? Let us know in the comments below.