Here’s How Zac Efron Could Look As Kyle Rayner In Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps

For all the fan art that’s emerged in these last few months showing Zac Efron as the MCU’s Wolverine, the recent hearsay suggests that the Neighbors star may end up landing a part in the DCEU instead, as a character in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film. And while we’ve yet to see any confirmation that Efron is even being eyed for a role, artist Mizuri has offered their impression of how the actor might look as cinema’s first Kyle Rayner.

Though it remains but a fantasy for the time being, it must be said that Efron wears the look well. Whether or not Warner Bros. is even searching for a Kyle Rayner, however, is still unclear, with Hal Jordan and John Stewart being the only two characters so far announced for the film. Then again, given how little news we’ve heard on Green Lantern Corps lately, it feels like practically anything could happen with project.

One thing we do know is that major DC player Geoff Johns has been working on a screenplay. In an interview with IGN last July, the Wonder Woman 1984 co-writer said that the film will “a complete reimagining” of the property that will “celebrate the mythology and reinvent it in a different way,” before adding that the script will be “very much inline” with elements from Johns’ own run with the Green Lantern comics.

In any case, the DCEU schedule has been filling up quickly as of late with The Batman, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and Aquaman 2 all landing release dates in the last couple of months. At this rate, we probably shouldn’t expect Green Lantern Corps to reach theaters any sooner than 2022, but here’s hoping Warner can at least offer some clarification in the coming months.