Here’s What Robert Pattinson Could Look Like As The Next Batman


There are many reasons why Robert Pattinson would make a great Batman. For one, he’s a genuinely talented actor (for proof, check out his performance in David Cronenberg’s excellent Cosmopolis), he’s definitely got the right look for a young Bruce Wayne/Batman and it’s a casting choice that would absolutely infuriate large sections of the internet (which would give the rest of us something to giggle at).

If you think the Batfleck backlash was harsh, their reaction to Pattinson being cast in The Batman would be leagues more amusing. Plus, everyone was skeptical when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker and look how that turned out.

Anyways, whether it happens or not you can guarantee that he’s at least vaguely in the running for the role. And to give us a better idea of what this might look like, a neat bit of fan art has placed him in the Batsuit from The Dark Knight.

Pretty good, eh? Okay sure, Pattinson does still look pretty baby-faced, but he’s 32 and Warner Bros. have made it known that Matt Reeves’ The Batman will feature a younger and less experienced version of the hero. This allows them to both keep the Affleck appearances in DCEU continuity as well as give them room to tell their own story.

Still, it’s not like we’re exactly hungry for a story about Bruce’s early years. Everything from Batman Begins, to Gothamto the Batman: Year One animated movie has explored the hero’s earliest adventures. Oh well, I’m sure they can find a neat new take on it.

Perhaps the only thing standing in Pattinson’s way is scheduling. He’s currently cast in Christopher Nolan’s mysterious new project, which is due to start filming this summer, which is at roughly the same time as The Batman is scheduled to shoot. Then again, Nolan is famous for his ensemble casts and we don’t exactly know how large Pattinson’s part will be, so perhaps he can do both?

Source: Instagram