Epic Fan Poster Imagines Deathstroke Vs. Red Hood Movie


This week brought with it the news that DC are adding yet another movie onto their slate – Joe Manganiello will be starring as Slade Wilson in a Deathstroke solo film from director Gareth Evans. Since the announcement dropped, people have been working hard to come up with theories about what form the film might take and a new fan-made poster may have just nailed exactly what many would love to see.

From digital artist extraordinaire Boss Logic comes this mock one-sheet for Deathstroke, which imagines Manganiello’s anti-hero doing battle with Red Hood, with Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles “cast” in the role of Batman’s former sidekick, Jason Todd. To show off Ackles’ face, the artist has done away with Red Hood’s distinctive helmet, but it still looks pretty damn awesome.

Check it out in the gallery down below, along with some of Boss Logic’s other recent work, which is all quite impressive.

Of course, fans have been waiting for Jason Todd to appear in the DC Extended Universe ever since he was confirmed to exist in this continuity in Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeThe Robin suit in the Batcave heavily suggested that the Joker had murdered the Boy Wonder, mirroring Todd’s death in the comics. This didn’t stop him though and Todd was later resurrected as the violent vigilante Red Hood – something that has to happen at some point in the DCEU.

Ackles is also the perfect choice to play the character, as he previously voiced Todd in the fan favourite Batman: Under the Hood animated film from 2010. In reality, the actor’s demanding schedule on the seemingly never-ending Supernatural would probably prevent him from signing up for an ongoing movie franchise but hey, fans can always dream, right?

Could a Deathstroke vs. Red Hood story actually be a possibility, though? Honestly, it does seem likely. Either that or the movie could pit him against Ben Affleck’s Batman, or even Nightwing from Chris McKay’s upcoming film. Or, we might see Deathstroke’s traditional enemies, like the Teen Titans? Really, the whole DC universe is Evans’ oyster here.

Deathstroke was rumoured to have a cameo in Justice League and while that’s likely been cut from the final version, Slade Wilson fans should still check out the movie when it arrives on November 17th. You know, just in case.