10 Actors Who Could Play Red Hood In The Batman


Surprisingly, Warner Bros. still hasn’t dated the long rumoured Batman movie starring and directed by Ben Affleck. It could be that both parties are waiting to see how well Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice does before committing to anything (Affleck doesn’t want another Daredevil after all), but rumours are already pointing to it being an adaptation of the classic “Under the Hood” storyline.

That comic featured the return of former Robin, Jason Todd, as a vigilante named the Red Hood, a name and look inspired by The Joker’s moniker before he was transformed into the Clown Prince of Crime. Jason was actually murdered by the villain, but returned years later hungry for vengeance against both him and Batman.

The fact that the character’s defaced costume is going to be in Batman V Superman proves that Warner Bros. are looking to set the story up, and while there are countless villains and arcs the studio could turn to for inspiration with Batman’s next solo outing, the Red Hood is most deserving of the big screen treatment (as well as being someone fans are desperate to see).

As it’s still such early days for the movie, which is reportedly titled The Batman, we obviously still have no clue who will play Jason, but there are a lot of actors who most definitely fit the bill. Here, you will find ten film and television stars who all have traits which make them perfect for the role, and while some are better than others, the studio would certainly be wise to snatch any one of them up before Marvel does…