Fan-Made Captain America 4 Trailer Continues Steve Rogers’ Journey


For all intents and purposes, we’ll just have to say that Steve Rogers’ time as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has met its conclusion. Though it’s very possible that the studio could bring him back at some point down the line, Sam Wilson AKA the Falcon is now wielding the shield – so it’s not advised you hold your breath waiting for a comeback.

In the meantime though, we’re entirely free to ponder the possibilities of what may be. Helping us do so is Billy Crammer, who’s cut together a conceptual trailer for what he calls “Captain America: The Last Avenger,” which can be found at the top of this article.

Basically, it explores what would happen if Steve Rogers weren’t content to sit idly by after returning the Infinity Stones to their proper places in time. Though it could be argued that suiting up as the Sentinel of Liberty in the 1950’s or so would contradict all the effort taken to restore balance to the timeline, the “rewrite your past” concept does make for a good springboard for a story.

Actually, I could see this appealing to those who found it hard to swallow the notion that Steve would have to watch events such as the Vietnam War and 9/11 pass without intervening, as this has ignited discussion ever since Avengers: Endgame had its theatrical run. Perhaps this would make for an intriguing episode of What If…?

Tell us, would you like to see the “Last Avenger” concept applied to either a future Captain America movie or Disney Plus series? Or would you rather let Sam Wilson have his time in the spotlight? Sound off in the usual place below!