Fan-Made Gotham City Sirens Trailer Teases What Could Be


In the wake of Justice League failing to live up to financial expectations at the box office, it seems only natural that Warner Bros. focus on DC films that are more likely to be surefire hits going forward. Obviously, one such entry into the Extended Universe that one would expect to sell more than a few tickets would be that of Suicide Squad 2, but I and many others are still hoping that another movie that’d feature Harley Quinn – Gotham City Sirens – eventually sees the light of day.

I say that because, while I may be an optimist, I’m also a realist. Sure, we may have heard rumblings all throughout 2017 about a flick set to unite Harley with the likes of Catwoman and Poison Ivy, but it’s impossible to overlook that whenever a DCEU film slate is touted at any sort of convention, Gotham City Sirens is completely absent – even if director David Ayer says things are still on track.

To be honest, Ayer is probably just doing the standard round of PR, as the DCEU doesn’t need any additional negative press at this time. Still, a team-up film such as this would be a dream come true for a percentage of comic book fans, and you have to admit that another female-centric movie would be a real boon to the genre.

FAN-MADE: Gotham City Sirens from DC_Cinematic

That said, a pretty cool fan-made trailer recently surfaced over on Reddit (seen above), showing us what could eventually be. In it, we see Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn being joined by someone’s dream cast that includes Madelaine Petsch (Riverdale) as Poison Ivy and Thandie Newton as Catwoman.

Of course, whomever put this video package together has their own reasons for those they placed in the roles of Pamela Isley and Selina Kyle, but it can’t be ignored that this theoretical cast doesn’t line up age-wise. Some would argue that Petsch is too young to play Ivy, but fortunately, footage from a PETA shoot in which she dressed up as the icon was utilized to make a solid case for her.

As for Newton, she could work as Gotham City Sirens‘ Catwoman, but it should be noted that she’s closer to Ben Affleck in age. So, if he stays on in the DCEU as Batman, her addition would be appropriate. If not, someone more comparable in age to Robbie and our next Dark Knight should be sought after.