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Fans Are Blowing Up On Twitter Over A Previously Released Horror Film

One of the most bizarre horror films started trending on Twitter today, and it brought back a lot of feelings.

Some horror films are so eerie and uncomfortable to watch that they leave a sort of haze over you long after you’ve stopped watching. The kind of scary movies that aren’t all blood and gore but have a healthy element of psychological warfare.

One of those films was the 2019 Ari Aster picture Midsommar.

When a group of friends travels to Hälsingland for a midsummer celebration, they end up getting way more than they bargained for. Their swedish friend has invited the group to his ancestral commune, the Hårga. The celebration only happens every 90 years so the invite is truly special.

As the days go by, the friends start to realize that this isn’t any normal celebration. In fact, it feels more like a trap than a once in a lifetime opportunity. Especially when death and mystery seem to creep closer into the group of friends, oh — and after that cliff scene. You know the one.

If you thought that was as bad as it got, you were in for another surprise…and another one and another after that. The movie just kept getting more bizarre, and crazier yet? It was almost impossible to turn it off.

The film, originally debuting in 2019, has been the talk of Twitter today. The reason? Well, from one user saying they saw someone call Midsommar their comfort movie, and having a terrifying reaction to that idea to others expressing how truly disturbing the film was — it’s one that leaves a mark. You can’t not talk about it in the same way you almost don’t want to think about it ever again.

The cliff scene still gives us chills.


This user saw the film as being a, warning of sorts, to anyone thinking of cheating on their significant other.


This photo embodies every crazy feeling you get watching the movie and how incredibly uncomfortable it makes you.

Of course, we had to add this one. Again, seems like some viewers are heeing a warning to stay faithful after watching Midsommar.

Did you watch Midsommar when the film first debuted? Are you considering watching it now just to figure out just what everyone is talking about and why someone would be inside of a bear? If so, buckle in for a really wild ride.

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