Fans Are Debating The Biggest Cheer They’ve Ever Heard In A Movie Theater

captain america avengers endgame

It’s definitely convenient to have the latest major releases available day-and-date from the comfort of your own home at the push of a button, something viewers are growing more and more accustomed to in the age of streaming, especially during the pandemic era.

However, there’s nothing quite like the communal experience of the theater, which remains the best way to enjoy a movie. Whether it’s jump scares causing popcorn to fly everywhere, shocking plot twists sending gasps around the auditorium or a surprise death yielding hushed whispers and audible reactions, it’s much better than sitting in your living room alone. Unless you’ve got some asshole with their cellphone screen on full brightness in front of you, but that’s another discussion for another time.

#MovieCheers has been trending on social media as fans debate the best and loudest response they’ve ever heard in a multiplex, and as you can see from the reactions below, plenty of iconic contenders have been thrown into the mix.

Avengers: Endgame delivered multiple moments worthy of applause, such is the investment the Marvel Cinematic Universe has cultivated from its audience over the last thirteen years, but that was only the tip of the iceberg. Regardless of what you think merits the distinction of being named the best big screen moment ever to witness in a packed house, let’s hope that it becomes a regular occurrence once more, and sooner rather than later.