Fans Are Wondering What Happens If There Really Is Only One Spider-Man In No Way Home

We’ve become conditioned to believe that nobody is telling the truth when they deny that they’re in a major movie, when the constant stream of rumors and bountiful speculation tells us otherwise, even when the denials are coming straight from the horse’s mouth.

Bear with us for a second, but what if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield really aren’t in Spider-Man: No Way Home? In an official capacity, neither Sony nor Marvel Studios have promised us anything of the sort, while Garfield and Tom Holland have repeatedly gone on record saying that there’s but a single web-slinger in the film.

As we edge closer and closer to the debut of the second full-length trailer, fans are beginning to wonder if the studios and stars have simply been telling the truth all along.

It would be a very unusual situation for Spider-Man: No Way Home to find itself in if Holland was the solitary Spidey on show when people would be rioting in the streets and voicing their dismay on social media, even though nobody involved in the production has confirmed anything. Will they even be in the new promo? Maybe, maybe not, but if it’s the latter then folks are going to be mighty upset about it.