Fans bash Train To Busan remake after new movie details surface online

Train to Busan fans have spoken: not every successful non-English-speaking film necessarily needs an American remake.

The tizzy that popped off on Twitter Wednesday comes to us after the news from Deadline came in that an English remake of the 2016 South Korean masterpiece Train to Busan would be titled Last Train to New York.

The Sang-ho Yeon-directed film absolutely floored critics for its exciting and emotional take on a zombie survival story, becoming minted in the minds of many as one of the very best of the genre.

Centering around strongly written characters and well-crafted, claustrophobic action, the heart of the film is found in a negligent father trying to reconnect to his estranged daughter during a train ride they take to visit the child’s mother. The satisfying arc of its main character, Gong Yoo’s Seok-woo, who transforms from a callous businessman to a self-sacrificing paternal figure, is just one of the many points of praise for the film.

Many horror fans were disgusted to think of anyone other than Gong Yoo, who also had a brief but satisfying role in Netflix’s hit show Squid Game, taking on the role of protagonist.

Others contended that trying to remake the film would itself be sacrilege.

Another user pointed out how what is sure to be a gun-toting American remake would totally deflate the tension of the film, in which the characters were largely unarmed and had to think on their feet.

Many simply mourned Hollywood’s apparent inability to just come up with something original.

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