Fans Call For Michael Myers “To Win” In Halloween Kills


With the release of Halloween Kills just days away and promo for the film ramped up higher than ever before, fans are beginning to wonder what the film holds. Some movie buffs refuse to read anything about a movie before it’s released, while others scour the internet for any information they can find.

Reddit is buzzing with scary movie talk as spooky season unfolds, and a significant topic of conversation is Michael Myers and Halloween. The film is the second in the Halloween trilogy, which kicked off in 2018, and everyone is waiting to find out what’s next for Myers and Laurie Strode.

A Halloween fan asked the question today on Reddit — is it wrong to be rooting for Michael Myers after all this time?

Here’s what other fans had to say about that idea.

This fan says Myers has all the puzzle pieces needed to win, and while they add some humor to it — they’ve got the point. Maybe the winning formula to being Michael is simply being Michael.

This fan wonders what Myers would do after he got the win.

This fan doesn’t think it’ll make a difference at all. Killing Laurie or not, he’ll do whatever he wants — fulfilling his plan.

This fan wants both of them to die, with Laurie coming back as the killer.

This comment has to be one of our favorites; Freaky Friday 2 — slasher style!

This user puts it pretty simple; they’re not watching scary movies for happy endings; the killer should finish the job.

This fan doesn’t want all 3 Strode women to survive, saying they enjoyed the 2018 Halloween but felt it played things a bit safe.

Fans also pointed out that Myers killed her in Ressurection but just as many fans admitted that they like to pretend that the movie does not exist.

This fan thinks they should, and likely will, die together as well.

What do you hope to see from Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends? Are you rooting for Myers? Let’s talk about it!