Fans Are Now Campaigning For WB To Release The Batman Forever Schumacher Cut

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If you thought that the recent announcement of the Snyder Cut of Justice League finally becoming a reality and heading exclusively to HBO Max next year would signal the end of fan campaigns demanding Warner Bros. release an alternate version of one of their comic book movies, then you’d be dead wrong.

Almost as soon as the Snyder Cut was officially confirmed, fans immediately turned their attention to the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad, and the filmmaker has been embracing the publicity by revealing a ton of plot and story details online along with plenty of never-before-seen images from the troubled shoot.

However, even a movie that’s a quarter of a century old is now finding itself subjected to a groundswell of online support, following the reveal that a 170-minute cut of Batman Forever exists. The third installment in the franchise marked the beginning of the end for the original series, with Joel Schumacher’s neon-and-nipples aesthetic a radical departure from the world Tim Burton had established, and just eight years after Michael Keaton had first suited up as the Dark Knight, George Clooney’s Batman & Robin had run the property into the ground.

With Schumacher having recently passed away at around the same time Warner Bros. confirmed that the extended edition of Batman Forever exists, fans have now gone online to try and see if #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut can find the same kind of success as their last endeavor, and you can check out some of their thoughts below.

The Batman Two-Face

HBO Max is already loading up on DC-related content as one of their major selling points, and with the footage already at their disposal, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t decide to take the plunge and release an extended edition of Batman Forever. Sure, while re-editing so many of their comic book movies could end up being dismissed as a gimmick, getting a darker and more psychological take on the film could ultimately see Joel Schumacher’s involvement with the Caped Crusader being viewed in an entirely different light.