Fans celebrate Steven Spielberg’s ‘Hook’ on 30th anniversary of release


Steven Spielberg’s Hook has arguably become a victim of the Mandela Effect in the 30 years since it first hit theaters exactly 30 years ago on December 11, 1991.

The director has voiced his disappointment with the family fantasy on numerous occasions, and reviews weren’t particularly kind either at the time or in retrospect, so a lot of people might think that it flopped at the box office, which definitely wasn’t the case.

The whimsical adventure would haul in $300 million despite the tepid critical reception, and it’s since become a beloved cult classic, along with a form of cinematic comfort food that fans are happy to devour on a regular basis. As you can see from the reactions below, there’s going to be a lot of folks firing up Hook this evening to celebrate the occasion.


Spielberg revealed in a recent interview that he almost considered turning it into a musical before deciding to wait three decades to scratch that particular itch with West Side Story. Hook is perfectly fine as it is, and it continues to find a new audience with each passing generation, something that’s set to continue for at least another 30 years looking at how the blockbuster’s stock has only risen since it first came to theaters.