Fans Debate This Unique Thing About Rob Zombie’s Horror Movies

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is a master of horror and thrill. From his music to his filmmaking, he has a knack for knowing exactly what kind of scare to deliver. He’s been involved in everything from Halloween to The Devil’s Rejects and House Of 1,000 Corpses, and he will leave you feeling unnerved and uneasy after his movies.

While some of his favorites have influenced his style, he also has a unique voice all his own that resonates with fans. Within that style are types of characters that fans can expect to find when sitting down to watch one of his films, and that is the talk of a specific Reddit thread today.

A fan posed the question that got many fans talking — why is Rob Zombie obsessed with “redneck characters”?

While some people weren’t a massive fan of the way the question was worded, some agreed that Zombie’s types of characters seem to showcase across his films. From those who were offended by the question to those who agreed with the sentiment, here’s what fans are saying about his character style.

This fan heard Zombie speak on Joe Rogan about growing up working at a carnival and wonders if that is where some of the character impact comes from.

This fan grew up close to Zombie, and their mascot was quite unique and nodded that there was a definite influence in the area.

Are you a fan of Rob Zombie films? Do you notice a specific type of character that seems to appear in them more often than not? If you’re looking for more Zombie, now’s the perfect time to binge some of his best scary movies and dive into spooky season. Happy haunting!