The Internet’s Debating Who’d Win A Fight Between Fast & Furious Crew And The Avengers

Fast and Furious

The Fast & Furious franchise has come a long way from its relatively humble origins as a mid-budget street racing series, with the antics of Dominic Toretto and his crew now synonymous with $200 million blockbusters that throw all sense of logic, gravity and physics out of the window to deliver a string of action-packed crowd-pleasers that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Looking at the sort of adventures the gang have been getting themselves caught up in over the last decade, which somehow continue to raise the ante despite the upcoming ninth installment marking the tenth entry in the franchise overall, the Fast & Furious brand edges closer and closer to encroaching on the superhero genre given the wildly implausible outings that have come to define the signature set pieces.

At this stage, you can guarantee that Dom and his extended family could even give the Avengers a run for their money, and fans have been debating that exact hypothetical scenario online. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might be comprised of tech billionaires, super soldiers, giant green rage monsters and Norse gods, but you still wouldn’t bet against the Fast & Furious crew.

The franchise’s official Twitter account even got in on the act, hinting that Dom and company have managed to get away with so much from behind the wheel that the Avengers would find themselves in real trouble should they actually step out of their vehicles and go toe-to-toe with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s all-stars.

It’ll never happen, but Fast & Furious vs. the Avengers would probably end up becoming the highest-grossing movie ever made if Universal and Marvel Studios wanted to make it a reality, and it would only slightly stretch the credibility of the former’s loose grasp of realism.