DC Fans Divided Over Zack Snyder’s Justice League Being A 4 Hour Movie

Justice League Batman

The level to which Justice League was compromised by Warner Bros. is best indicated by the fact that the theatrical edition runs for exactly 120 minutes, because the studio instructed Joss Whedon to ensure that it was no longer than two hours. As a result, it turned out to be a Frankenstein’s Monster of a movie, making frequent wild and jarring tonal jumps from Zack Snyder’s established aesthetic to Whedon’s quip-happy style, often in the same scene.

There are very few redeeming qualities about the version of Justice League that landed in theaters with a thud back in November 2017, but there are no guarantees that the Snyder Cut is going to be the all-time classic that many fans are expecting it to be. After all, the director’s filmography has tended to be pretty divisive among audiences, with many praising him for his contributions to the DCEU, while others have blasted him for having a fundamental misunderstanding of Batman and Superman as characters.

Having been given complete creative freedom and a big pile of money to get his preferred vision over the finish line, the idea of Justice League being reborn as a four-hour epic is a massively exciting prospect for some and a terrifying thought for others, as you can see from the reactions below.

Avengers: Endgame was a three-hour film and very much felt like it, so viewers will have to show some serious dedication to remain 100% engaged and invested in something that’s going to run for at least 60 minutes longer. It’s also worth mentioning that Snyder has always struggled to rein in his penchant for visual excess and narrative self-indulgence in the past, and being handed carte blanche to release a four-hour edit of Justice League is more than capable of bringing out either his best or worst tendencies.