Superman Fans Are Arguing If Zack Snyder Understands The Character

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

Zack Snyder’s recent livestreaming event to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has generated plenty of buzz online, and makes for a refreshing change from all of the conversation surrounding the filmmaker being exclusively about the status of the Snyder Cut.

Not only did he give his reasons for many of the plot and character choices that were made in the divisive superhero showdown, but he also managed to find the time to confront some of the biggest criticisms that he faced during his time at the helm of the DCEU, including his insistence that Ben Affleck’s Batman wasn’t a murderer, as well as explaining that Superman had no choice but to kill General Zod within the context of Man of Steel’s story.

Snyder also went into detail about some of his plans for the future of the franchise that ended up getting abandoned when he was forced to depart Justice League, as well as having a crack at Warner Bros.’ expense when he wondered why nobody had gotten around to making a Batman V Superman sequel yet.

His time as the creative driving force behind the DCEU is still proving to be contentious among fans, especially in regards to the way he characterized both Batman and Superman, with many of their personality traits and decisions they made on the big screen markedly different from how they’ve been depicted in the pages of comic books for decades and as you can see below, the fanbase remains split.

It seems like people will never be able to agree on the Snyder era, with fans now arguing online about whether the director ever truly understood Superman or not. With Man of Steel quickly snowballing into the entire expanded universe, a sequel would have done a world of good to give us a better idea on how he planned on utilizing an iconic superhero with very little shades of gray.

Instead, he was a one-dimensional and overly-stoic alien that killed a guy, died, got resurrected and then ended up living happily ever after with the love of his life, and nobody even seems sure if we’ll even see Henry Cavill’s version of the Big Blue Boy Scout again to dig a little deeper.