Justice League Crew Member Says People Have Seen The Snyder Cut, And It’s Amazing


At this point, somebody has to just bite the bullet and make the Snyder Cut of Justice League a reality, or come out and publicly admit that we’ll never get to see it. The saga has been dragging on for almost two and a half years, and yet we’re no closer to a definitive answer about the status of Zack Snyder’s original vision for the comic book blockbuster.

Fans can campaign on social media all they want, and they can start movements in an effort to drum up support, but so far all of these pleas have fallen on deaf ears, despite the director revealing that the Snyder Cut does actually exist after he started getting irritated by the number of people claiming that it was nothing more than a myth.

We reported recently that the filmmaker was actually in talks with DC and Warner Bros. in regards to finishing his take on the movie, but the roadblock seems to be the huge costs that would be involved to complete the remaining CGI work, and possibly even drafting some of the cast back for reshoots.

So far, the only person that’s publicly admitted that they’ve seen the Snyder Cut is Aquaman star Jason Momoa, and he had nothing but high praise for it, but in a recent interview to promote the home video release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, stunt coordinator Eunice Huthart, who was also part of Snyder’s crew on Justice League, claimed that she knows a lot of people who have laid eyes on the fabled unreleased cut.

“There’s a few questions about that, and I’m sure that I’m okay to say I officially know people who’ve seen the Snyder Cut, and said it’s absolutely amazing. And I do believe that that’s the movie we were making, Zack Snyder’s version of the film… I watched the cinema release of the film, and I texted Zack to say, ‘What’s this I’m hearing about this Snyder Cut? I need to see it’. And he did promise me next time I’m in LA, that I’ll go watch it. So I will at some point, definitely go and watch the Snyder Cut. And I have spoken to people who actually said it’s brilliant. They said it’s absolutely golden.”

So, the Snyder Cut definitely exists in some form, and people have seen it, but yet we’re still no closer to an official statement from the studio about the future of the unrealized project. With HBO Max on the horizon though, it would likely be worth the money in the long-run to hand the director some cash to go and finish his Justice League, with the return on investment surely the huge number of subscribers that would sign up to the streaming service just to see it.