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Fans get a taste of the ‘Lore of Morbius’ in new featurette

Morbius released a featurette into the 'lore of Morbius' as anticipation builds for the film's final trailer.

In a new featurette announcing the final trailer for the living-vampire thriller, Morbius, starring Jared Leto, spotlights the origins and lore behind this not-quite-undead Marvel anti-hero. The final trailer will debut on Monday, while the theatrical release was announced for April 1.

Pandemic-related setbacks have kept fans waiting for Morbius for what seems like forever. But after enduring ever-changing release dates, we’re excited to nab theater seats and witness Biochemist Michael Morbius and his thirst — both for a cure for his rare blood disease, and, well, for blood. You can learn more Morbius lore in the featurette below.

Noting that Marvel was actually forbidden to use heroes with more of a “supernatural side,” Leto, who breathes life into the Michael Morbius character, touches on the importance of the anti-hero’s rise to bloodthirsty glory. As Leto describes Morbius‘s Marvel origins, fans get a look into the character’s spiral into vampirism via some tasty footage.

“It was a really big deal with Morbius finally made his debut. He was part of a much darker term within Marvel — one that, fortunately, fans fully embraced. After all, everyone loves a good monster story.”

You can see Morbius in theaters on March 4.

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