Fans hope the MCU’s Ghost Rider is as badass as he was in a 1990s cartoon

ghost rider
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Marvel Studios has been maintaining a tight grip on the rights to Ghost Rider since 2013, and despite the onslaught of rumor and speculation that swamps the internet on a fairly regular basis, Kevin Feige has yet to announc if he has any plans in store for the Spirit of Vengeance, if he even has any at all.

While Nicolas Cage was the perfect casting choice on paper to play a daredevil motorcycle rider who makes a deal with the devil and transforms into a flame-headed bounty hunter, 2005’s Ghost Rider and its dismal sequel were hardly the adaptation the character’s popularity warranted, even if seeing Johnny Blaze swilling jelly beans out of a martini glass was pretty much what we expected from the leading man.

Gabriel Luna looked set to follow up his well-received turn in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with a Hulu spinoff series, but that ended up falling through the cracks, too. The Midnight Sons chatter isn’t going anywhere, either, but fans only want Ghost Rider to be as badass as he was in the 1990s Fantastic Four animated series, which surely isn’t too much to ask.

Much like the Punisher, it took three failed attempts at bringing the comic book cult hero to life before Jon Bernthal hit the nail on the head with his awesome turn in Daredevil, so perhaps the same will ring true for Ghost Rider. You’d have to think he’s on his way eventually, but the fandom has now set out its ideal point of comparison that any reboot will need to measure up to.

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