Fans in uproar over this film’s placement on Christmas movie power list

Image via Hughes Entertainment

Barstool Sports has shared a list of the top 10 Christmas movies of all time, and one film in particular is causing quite an uproar.

Most of the choices are on the money, besides the absence of Die Hard (it’s a Christmas classic!). But there’s one that’s a particular head scratcher.

Obviously Home Alone is on the list. Home Alone 2 is also on the list, and sure⏤why not? They’re both wonderful films. The third entry in the franchise, on the other hand, also made the list, and one Twitter user said what we’re all thinking.

Honestly, it would be weird if people weren’t upset. Who likes Home Alone 3? Its inclusion on the list is so out-there that it almost feels like a prank, or a ploy for attention. Regardless, it’s working, because people are worked up.

They even ranked it above Home Alone 2, A Christmas Story, and Miracle on 34th Street.

Weirdly, some people kind of agree.

This is more realistic.

Is this real?

For those who don’t know, Home Alone 3 was released in 1997. It was the last Home Alone movie to come out in theaters. It also didn’t star Macaulay Culkin, who said he was tired of the role and felt like there was nothing else he could do with it.

Culkin did something like 15 movies in seven years and decided he wanted to be a normal kid for a while. The first two movies grossed $476 million and $359 million, respectively. The third movie starred Alex D. Linz, who was fine but just didn’t have that Culkin flair we’d come to know and love.

The movie made $79 million on a $32 million budget, which is good but not even close to its predecessors. Regardless, studios keep pumping out Home Alone movies. The latest just arrived on Disney Plus and is called Home Sweet Home Alone.

What do you think? Should Home Alone 3 be on the list, or is Barstool just trying to rile up people in an obvious publicity ploy? Let us know in the comments!