Fans leap to defend ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ character design with top-tier memes

obi-wan kenobi
Image via Lucasfilm

Given the overwhelming fan anticipation over the past few years, a lot of hope is riding on Obi-Wan Kenobi to experience a successful debut on Disney Plus. But such is the fate of unquenchable anticipation that it should always be accompanied by high expectations, and consequently, nitpicking.

That’s precisely what Star Wars fans have been doing since the first trailer for the Ewan McGregor-led series came out yesterday and offered a first look at Rupert Friend as the Grand Inquisitor. Barring the obvious focus on the titular Jedi Master in his self-imposed exile, the teaser also brought the Inquisitors to the forefront, headlined by the Homeland actor who’ll be bringing their vicious leader to live-action.

Indeed, it seems as though many fans are disillusioned with how the Grand Inquisitor looks because it’s a far cry from his physical appearance in Star Wars Rebels. Of course, as is the case with the divisive fandom of the galaxy far, far away, other folks have since jumped to the show’s defense by pointing out that other characters look just as different when compared to their other medium counterparts.

Take Yoda, for instance, who’s always undergoing change, even in the main Skywalker Saga:

Also, if you think the Grand Inquisitor should’ve had an oblong face like his animated alter ego, then we’d happily bring to your attention a little side character from the prequel trilogy and Star Wars: The Clone Wars called Count Dooku, aka Darth Tyrannus.

There’s no denying that the live-action Grand Inquisitor will need some getting used to, of course, which could also explain the current backlash to some extent. Making the transition from animated form to live-action is, after all, way more jarring than the other way around.

Obi-Wan Kenobi will hopefully offer a better look at the character when it premieres on May 25.